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A couple of things I would like to see scientists research and publish reasonably public-friendly results for:

  • The psychoactive effects of different alcoholic drinks.
    I'd been told at a young age that different booze has different psychological effects; some drinks make you more prone to anger, some more to melancholy. There is - we're told repeatedly - a culture of violent, antisocial "binge drinking". This may well be down to the amount of booze being drunk; there's also the expectations of how to behave when drunk; however, has anyone bothered to check whether the content of what is being drunk is also affecting behaviour?
  • Foxes & Jackdaws.
    More species of animals are colonising urban environments. I'd never seen an urban jackdaw until a pair nested across the road from me about three years ago; now I notice their calls around town quite frequently.
    The question is (and I think I've argued this one with [ profile] caerban before): Are the urban populations of these animals the result of a gradual invasion, or are a given city's fox (or raccoon, coyote, etc.) population likely to be from a common set of ancestors?
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I like Christmas as much as the next bloke. Really. I've plenty of happy childhood memories regarding Christmas, and I aim to enjoy myself this time 'round too. My family are basically a good lot, and as long as they respect my space we get along fine.

'Course, that won't stop me from complaining. What could? )


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