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As mentioned by [ profile] icarus_dave and [ profile] silverixnay
  • From your friends list take one person for each letter of the alphabet (miss those letters where you don't have a friend who starts with that letter.
  • Using a single word attempt to describe each person as you go down your reduced list.
  • Post these rules and the final list with descriptions.

If there's more than one interpretation of the word, I meant the nice one, OK?

Hit it. )

Bleh, etc.

Jun. 16th, 2004 01:38 am
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It's been a long day at work, and I still haven't wound down. This one's doing the rounds:

"Make ten comments to people on your Friends list, and don't say who they're to", or something.

  1. How did you do it? I'd've strangled them years ago.
  2. If I ever work out how you pulled that gig off, I'm so in there.
  3. Stop. Trying. So. Bloody. Hard.
  4. They're not really worth it. "It" ain't really worth it. Of course, you know that. But how do you shake it off and still leave yourself with something to do?
  5. Oh, for fuck's sake shut up. How many times do we have to tell you you've nothing to prove?
  6. Shame I'm not your type, we could have had fun doubting everything together.
  7. You ain't me, I ain't you. But hell, it's a fun wind-up. Oh, and it's down the back of the sofa.
  8. Damn! There goes one of the potential highlights of my summer. Ah well.
  9. The things you do leave me baffled, and I think the feeling's mutual. If you and I were to understand how each other think, there'd be a lot more hope for the rest of the human race. As it stands... well, bollocks to it, let's just be civil.
  10. Yeah, I'm an idiot and I wish I'd let go sooner.
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Concoct a completely spurious, nonexistent, but probably fun memory you have of me, and post it in reply to this message.

Even if you do reply, you are in no way compelled to make a similar post to this in your journal. Do not stare at this message.


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