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If you have to ask, you shouldn't be asking.

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.p bum, absurdity, adverbs, agnosticism, animation, art deco, atheism, b3ta, bad jokes, bad puns, baiting dogmas, beer, cascading style sheets, casual tyranny, comedy, complaining, computers, contradictions, cooking, curmudgeonry, daydreaming, double entendre, elusion, elusiveness, epiphanies, etymology, falsifying statistics, fiendish schemes, flippancy, flying spaghetti monsterism, food, gallows humour, games, gaming, graphic design, hidden patterns, his noodly appendage, illusions, image manipulation, improbability, inherently funny words, javascript, jokes, kde, kneejerk individualism, learning stuff, lies, life, linux, meaningless lists, misperception, mocking the affected, more beer, mornington crescent, music, nice weather, non-sequiteurs, paradoxes, paranoia, partying, people-watching, perception, perl, photoshop, php, pink floyd, poetic justice, pointless trivia, privacy, profane tmesis, programming, pubs, python, reading, real ale, rock music, roleplaying, satire, secrecy, semiotics, sesquipedality, sheffield, simile, sleeping, social engineering, south yorkshire, spreading chaos, stating the inobvious, strict xhtml, stubbornness, subversion, sunlight, sunshine, surrealism, svg, syllepsis, talking complete rubbish, tea, the english language, the right to differ, tinkering and tampering, truth, unorthodoxy, vitriol, weather, web animation, web design, web programming, xhtml, yet more beer, yorkshire
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